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Stretch My Money

2002 Living Blues Award Winner, Wallace Coleman, shows off his versatile harmonica and vocal chops on this critically acclaimed CD.

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Drawing from his traditional, southern roots, Wallace Coleman stretches out and puts his own stamp on gems such as Mojo Hand, Bring It On Home, Dangerous Man and other covers by his long time favorites. He also creates wonderful new material touched by the depth of his expertise and masterful creativity. A must-have.
Stretch My Money tracks:

  1. Mojo Hand
  2. Spare Woman
  3. Dead Presidents
  4. Stretch My Money
  5. Bring It On Home
  6. Shake me
  7. Strong Love
  8. Off The Hook
  9. Dangerous Man
  10. Sugar To Shame
  11. Who’s Been Talking
  12. Homeless People

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Mojo Hand

by Wallace Coleman | Stretch My Money

Dead Presidents

by Wallace Coleman | Stretch My Money

Bring It On Home

by Wallace Coleman | Stretch My Money