10 Originals and 4 Covers

The Bad Weather Blues

This CD offers something for everyone, but Traditional Blues lovers will especially appreciate what they hear.

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Living Blues Award Winner, Wallace Coleman, offers 10 originals and 4 covers in this critically acclaimed CD. In addition, Coleman and his band are joined by Blues veterans Bob Stroger (bass) and Billy Flynn (guitar). The result is a driving Chicago sound when called for, with Coleman at the fore; or sweet, thoughtful sounds, such as the original instrumental “Blue Mist,” among others. Flynn also lends masterful slide guitar on several tracks.
The Bad Weather Blues tracks:

  1. Bad Weather Blues
  2. Pretty All Over
  3. Southern Comfort
  4. Better Way To Live
  5. Everybody Needs Somebody
  6. Standing Still
  7. Blue Mist
  8. Mean Red Spider
  9. Cloudy
  10. Billy Bob Jam
  11. Seems Like
  12. Old Fashioned Guy
  13. High Tech Blues
  14. Going Down Slow

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Bad Weather Blues

by Wallace Coleman | The Bad Weather Blues

Billy Bob Jam

by Wallace Coleman | The Bad Weather Blues

Old Fashioned Guy

by Wallace Coleman | The Bad Weather Blues